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Cross laundry off your to-do list while you drink a beer, catch a Golden Knights game or work on your laptop. We have multiple high efficiency brand washers (Speed queen and Continental), both front load and top load. Our dryers are double stacked extra large capacity (Huebsh). All machines accept quarters which are available at our bar. 


-24 hours

-Full Bar ($)

-15 Video Poker/Keno machines

-Vending Machine Snacks ($)

-Cigarettes ($)

-Packaged Liquor and Ice ($)

-24 Hour surveillance of bar and parking lot

-Six, 50 inch televisions

-Large parking Lot

-Soap Machine ($)

-Fresh Popcorn

-Clean restrooms

-ATM (1.00 fee plus bank fees)

-Friendly Service

-Clorox, Tide and Bounce available for purchase

Speed Queen top load washer-   $2.00

Continental front Load-         $2.00 plus

Speed Queen front load-     $5.00 plus

Speed Queen dryers-         $2.00

Huebsh dryers (large)-     .25 cents per 6 min

Soap Machine-       $2.00

*All prices subject to change


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